jamal=Just Another Macro Language

This program implements a macro processor, that can mainly be used for HTML, but it is also possible to use it for any other text.

For documentation on using the program see the users guide. This file documents the Perl source code which is interesting in case you want to know how jamal works, or want to write Perl extension modules.

Please note that all interface functions are defined in the Perl package "jamal". In other words the developer pays attention to keep compatibility in the source code between versions only for the functions in that package. All other functions, variable or other entities in other packages can change.

Please also note that only those Perl written extensions can be jamal compliant that use these functions according their defined behaviour. Usage of undocumented behaviour using knowledge derived from the examination of the source code might result a jamal extension that is less portable between jamal versions.

Follow this link see the list of internal and interface functions.

jamal.pl jamal main file
This is the main Perl file for the jamal distribution.

jamal/example.pm Example Perl written extension module for jamal
This is a sample extension module for jamal written in Perl. Learn this module or use as a starting point to create your own modules.