jamal main file

The functions and other entities are defined here in the order as they appear in the source file. In case you are interested in writing extensions for jamal in Perl see the functions that are in the package jamal. These can be found after the chapter packageJamal.

See the chapter packageJamal for rules that a jamal compliant extension should implement.

history Jamal version history

DoFile Process an input file

DoInput Process an input string

ChopMacro Chop macro off a string

EvalMacro Evaluate a macro

maked Create a subdirectory

packageJamal Writing extensions for jamal in Perl
The package that jamal does not use but provides an interface for extension modules. Calling some of these functions is mandatory! Functions below this chapter define the interface.

jamalDefineMacro Define package specific macro

jamalSplit Call the argument split function

jamalOpen Macro open string

jamalClose Macro close string

jamalversion Requested module version

jamalverbatim Tell jamal that the result of the macro should be verbatim

jamalinput Convert relative input file name to absolute

jamaloutput Convert relative output file name to absolute

jamalrequire Require jamal version

jamalError Display warning or error