{#include macro jlog.jim}{#define tt/x=x} Jamal=Just Another Macro Language v{version}

Just Another Macro Language v{version}

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List of all files

When using {jamal} usually the generated html files are published and the {jamal} files are kept private. However this documentation is all about {jamal} and therefore the source code for the documentation can also be interesting for you. Therefore all files required to generate {jamal} documentation is included in this directory, and listed here in case you are interested downloading any of them:
{#define x/x=
}\ {#define ref/x={tt x}} {x jamal.pl} The source code of {jamal}. {x code/jamal.pl} The Perl code of jamal, unreadable, comments stripped out. Loads a bit faster.

{x make.cmd} WindowsNT batch file that you should start to create the {tt .out} and {tt .html} files. Needs few change to work under UNIX. {x build.txt} {jamal} source file containing the commands that compile the documentation. This is an example of using {jamal} for something which is not HTML.

{x doc} Directory containing Embedded Source Documentation for {jamal}. This directory also contains some subdirectories and dummy files in it used to demonstrate the {tt dir} macro. (See {ref jam11.jam}) {x code} {jamal} code file directory. esd2html not only extracts documentation from the source, but also generates a version of the source comments stripped. This is a much smaller file and even per2exe generates a smaller exe using this source. {x jamal.sdd} Source code documentation definition file. This is the main definition file for the tool esd2html to extract HTML documentation pages from the source files.

{x filist.html} You are reading this file ... {x filist.jam} unless you are reading the source of it. {x index.html} {jamal} home page. {x index.jam} {jamal} home page source. {x jamdoc.html} Compiled version of {jamal} documentation. {x jamdoc.txt} {jamal} version of {jamal} documentation. {x tipps.html} Tricks on how to use {jamal}. {x tipps.txt} {jamal} version of {tt tipps.html}

{x algorith.txt} algorithmic definition of macro processing order text formatted. Included by {ref jamdoc.txt}. {x example.jam} Example macros included by {ref jamdoc.txt} as well as by other jam files. {x jam1.txt} {jamal} example file. {x jam2.jam} demonstration how formal parameters are substituted in macro body {x jam3.jam} demonstrate common mistake missing the starting list separator {x jam4.jam} and thecorrected example {x jam5.jam} define the week day names in German {x jam6.jam} demonstrating {tt for} loop for interval {x jam7.jam} demonstrating {tt for} loop with a simple list {x jam8.jam} demonstrating {tt for} loop {x jam9.jam} a simple {tt dir} macro {x jam10.jam} a simple {tt dir} macro sorted {x jam11.jam} nested {tt dir} macros to display subdirectories two level deep {x jam12.jam} the same as above but the top level directories are evaluated {x jam13.jam} redefine the day names andd month names to Hungarian. Learn them! {x jam14.jam} setting {tt am} and {tt pm} {x jam15.jam} a sophisticated time display formatting {x jam16.jam} define macro {tt prev} to point to the previous chapter, but the first chapter {x jam17.jam} calculate a numeric expression {x jam18.jam} Macro opening and closing string setting demonstration. {x jam19.jam} again a macro opening/closing string setting example to confuse you. {x jam20.jam} macro opening/closign string inclusion example {x jam21.jam} detailing macro {tt comment} and how it can alter includes {x jam22.jam} describing {tt verbatim} {tt null} {x jam23.jam_} including a file for which the name is given as macro {x jam24.jam} demonstrating the macro {tt select} {jamal} files that are compiled from {tt .jam} to {tt .out} and both format is included verbatim into {ref jamdoc.html} as example.
{tt jam23.jam_} has a special extension as it is processed using a special command line defined macro. {x code/jamal.exe} WindowsNT and Win95 executable version of {jamal}. This was generated using Perl2exe from DEMOBUILDER. {x jamal.gif} The large {jamal} logo in GIF89 format. {x jlog.gif} The small {jamal} logo, as you see here: {x jamal/example.pm} Example j-SEX module.

You are free to use and distribute {jamal} as far as your actions are in line with the GNU General Public Licence. I would also appreciate if you could include a reference text on one or more of the pages that you crate on a site using {jamal}. This can be done using the predefined macro {#[}reference{#]}.