can_get can we get a page?

must_get should we get a page?

print_help print help on the screen

process_command_file Processing rdf file

prep_postf Prepare a size parameter

regexp_it Converts a pattern to a regular expression

This package/class implements the web page functionality. A web page is stored in the memory, and is usually prepared for download, downloaded, prepared to be saved and saved.

calculate_auth Calculate the authentication string to be used for a page

new create a new page object

log Issue a log intem into the log file

define_proxy Define a new proxy server

save_cookies Save all the cookies to a cookies file

load_cookies Load all the cookies from the cookies file that was created calling save_cookies

list_cookies List all cookies that are to be sent with the http request

set_all_cookies Set all cookies of a retrieved page

set_cookie Set a new cookie or update an old one

cookieT2time Convert cookie expiration time to GMT time seconds

normalize_url Normalize a url

host Return the host of a page

path Return the path of a page

url Return the url of a page

define_interface Define a new interface

fetch_state Set or get the fetch_state of a page

content_type Return the content type header information

level set or get the level of a page

schedule Schedule a page to be retrieved

next_page Get the next page to be retrieved

destroy Destroy a page

cwd Set current working directory

proxy Set or retrieve the proxy

relate Calculate relative URL

split_html Split a HTML content into texts and tags array

rebuild_content rebuild the content of a html file

urel2abs Convert url to absolute

state_message return the page state message

get get a page

realm Return the realm of a page

auth_type Return the authentication type of a page

file Create a file name for an url

file_exists Checks file existence

create_file Create the file for a page

length length of the content of a page

text_leaf Create a leaf text as HTML content

base64 Encodes argument using base64 encoding

text_badstate Create a leaf text as HTML content

text_redirect Create a leaf text as HTML content

history Version History of webmirror pro