Webmirror 2.0

You do not need this command, unless you machine has more that one netcard.


Using this command you can define which Ethernet, FDDI, TokenRing or any other netcard to use for a download.

interface http://localhost*
says that the program should use the interface for all URLs which is on the local machine.

If no interface is defined in the RDF then the machine name returned by the `hostname` command will be used. If there is any interface defined then all interfaces to be used should be defined. In other words if you define

interface http://localhost*
then you should also say
interface mymachine.mydomain.com *

The interface definitons are processed in the order as they are specified, and if the machine name that is contacted for the retrieval matches the pattern then the specified interface will be used. This also means that in case a proxy server is in use for a retrieval then the proxy server is compared against the pattern and not the final web page supporting machine. This is because the interface definition is rather a routing functionality than web retrieval.