Webmirror 2.0

You can define that maximum size of a downloaded file.
pagesizelimit 2000
pagesizelimit 100K
pagesizelimit 10M
You can define that the files having size larger than 2000 bytes, 100Kbytes or ten megs are not downloaded in the examples above. Bare numbers mean bytes, the postfix K means a multiplicator of 1024 and the postfix M means a multiplicator 1024*1024.

When a page is started to be retrived and the webserver reports a size in the Content-length field which is larger than this limit the download process is aborted.

If there is no Content-length field in the http answer header or the size indicated is smaller than the specified limit then the download starts and goes on until finishes or the number of bytes reaches the limit. Therefore a page having size above the limit won't be retrieved even if the webserver reports a size which is below the limit.

Some webservers erroneously report extraordinarily large content length. If you face this problem and still want to limit the maximal size of the files retrieved use the command unbelieve.

There is no default value for this parameter, if no page size limit is defined the program will try to retrieve pages without size limit (except the limit for the whole downloads defined by the command size). This is equivalent to saying

pagesizelimit inf