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Adding elements in a scipt

Date: 2002/05/20 10:33

In my working cgi script, I get results based on a database that are
displayed in a table. For example, the script in the background would as
for "name" and the name of the item would then appear on a table to be
viewed. If you add "number" to the elements in the script, a number would
then be shown next to the name, etc. (see below for ex. of script.

@elements = ('name', 'number');

I have another part of the script, which places images on a results page,
by calling each image "Image1." I want to add the image to the table where
it has name, number, etc, but when I add "Image1" to the elements, all I
get are urls to the location of the images, but the images themselves do
not show up. The url showing up is the proper path to the image because
other pages call up "Image1" and the actual image does show, so it is 1/2
making sense, but I want it to actually place the image itself on the page
with the info. table by adding it to the programming elements rather than
just a link to it. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much
You have to print <img src="url"> to get the picture in the browser resutl


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