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Please help

Date: 2002/05/20 10:31

Dear Peter,

I am turning to you for help as the situation is kind of desperate here.
Although it may sound a bit embarrassing, I would like to ask you to help
me with my school paper for C programming.

Please take a look at this http://www.g-l-c.com/share/help_needed.htm
(user name: “photos”, password “share”) and let me know if you will be so
kind to help me.

I used work as a project manager and my project often involved freelance C
programmers, if you are able to help me now, I will make sure to send you
some contract offers for my projects when I return to work, provided you
have the interest.



you have expressedn great mangerial skills. However you seem to attend to
a programming class where the aim of the home work is not that it is being
done by some by some way, but rather that this is done by YOU so that it
ensures that you gained the skills.

I am a teacher myself and thus it would be against my self to help you
this way to pass your class. You should do it yourself. I do not know the
American education system, but certainly a student in Hungary would fail
this way. While talking to him/her at the personal examination it would
certainly be clear ina few minutes if the required skills are not present
even if the homework is ready.


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