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How to eliminate 'Content-type: txt/html' at top of my web page.

Date: 2002/05/20 10:20

I have installed a CGI guestbook program written in Perl called
'Guestbook25' available on Hotscripts.com.

When I view my guestbook, it opens with the line:

'Content-type: text/html' at the top of the page and then the guestbook
displays below.

How can I get rid of those lines, so I can have a nicely presented web
page with just my title and the .cgi guestbook output.

Hope to hear from you soon.



The Content-Type: text/html tag is needed once by the browser. The issue
is that your script prints it twice. The first one is worked up by the
browser treated as HTTP header and the second is treated as being already
part of the HTML page.

You have to find where the script prints the Content-Type string and
delete the 'print' statement (comment out rather).


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