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Email form using Dreamweaver

Date: 2002/06/17 12:40

Hi Peter,

The problem I'm having is that I've created a html form in Dreamweaver MX
and I want to have the form results sent to my email. I have a cgi script
on my server that I'm allowed to use and I have pointed to it in the
'Action' portion of the form, but It's not working; I'm not getting the
form results. What should I do? Am I supposd to rewrite the cgi file in
any way?
Usually CGI scripts have to be configured to work properly. If there is a
CGI script that sends the form data in eMail then either some
configuration file has to contain the mail address where to send the mail
or the form should contain some fields that tell where to send the mail.
This all depends on the actual CGI scripts, that may vary.

Before going on you have to carefully read the documentation of the CGI
script and set up the form accordingly.


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