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Whois Look Up

Date: 2002/05/15 15:46

Hello Peter,

I am a novice of CGI/ PErl so i am using a script called netwhoislite.cgi
to let visitors look up available domain names for com net org the script
also gives details on the domain name if not available. the thing is that
i now want them to look up biz and info names. now i got a snippet of code
that i used to modify the script but now the script is acting weird. if i
do a search for www.kendall.biz it returns saying it is unavailable and
fails to give details. but the domain name is available.

I think that i am using the wrong servers for look up database i dont know
though here is the code i am using:
use IO::Socket;
use strict;
use CGI;

my @TLDs = ("com" , "american" ,
"net" , "american" ,
"org" , "american" ,
"mil" , "mil" ,
"gov" , "gov" ,
"biz" , "biz" ,
"info" , "info" );

# region domain doesn't exist string test server whois results
my @TLDservers = ( "american" , "No match for" , "whois.crsnic.net" ,
"whois.networksolutions.com" ,
"gov" , "No match for" , "whois.nic.gov" , "whois.nic.gov" ,
"mil" , "No match for" , "whois.nic.mil" , "whois.nic.mil" ,
"biz" , "Not Found" , "whois.nic.biz" , "whois.nic.biz" , "info" , "Not
Found" , "whois.afilias.net" , "whois.afilias.net" );

What is wrong here if any as it

if you want to see for your self go to
www.apex-solutions.com/cgi-bin/whois.cgi see for your self what i am
talking about

Can you give me the servers or correct syntax for biz and info servers?
where can i find information on domain look up servers?
Unfortunately I can not give you the DNS for either biz, nor info.


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