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cgi stuff

Date: 2002/05/12 19:49

I have a script for a news updater, it askes for the full path to a
certain file included in the .zip of the script. So, I uploaded the*NAME-DELETED* all
to *NAME-DELETED*y server and put the*NAME-DELETED* in /cgi-bin/news/ The first few lines of the
script ask for the full pathna*NAME-DELETED*e to newsconfig.cgi, so i put it in as
"/cgi-bin/news/newsconfig.cgi" Didn't work. So i put it in as
"/newsconfig.cgi" ...nothing. so i put in the full url http://www. etc.
and that didn't work. Is there so*NAME-DELETED*e si*NAME-DELETED*ple thing i*NAME-DELETED* doing wrong? thanks
The full path in this case is (*NAME-DELETED*ost probably) the full UNIX path. It is
al*NAME-DELETED*ost sure that the cgi-bin directory is NOT in the root directory. Thus
the path is NOT


but rather so*NAME-DELETED*ething like:


(sure not this one,but so*NAME-DELETED*ething like this).


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