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Source Control in UNIX

Date: 2002/05/12 19:46

Good afternoon,

What different software source control packages are available running in
UNIX? I know of VB Source Safe - NT only (I believe) and PVCS (I am not
sure of the OS support for this).

I am looking to implement a control package for a team of UNIX developers.

Thank you for your help.

I myself use CVS. It works on most OS, even has a neat Windows client that
I use myself. Has CGI interface (really easy to install) to publish the
CVS data to public (read only). I am ok with that. That is the GNU project
standard as far as I know.

I know that there can be many people named "*NAME-DELETED* *NAME-DELETED*", but is that
you I met many years aho when iSYS was started up in Budapest?


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