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cgi form script

Date: 2002/05/12 19:35

Peter- I have been trying to get this "BNB" script to run for days.
It now seems to be posting the form data (to where I don't know) but I am
not receiving any data via email. Can you offer any advice? I'll send the
script via e-mail if you need it. Thanks in advance. -*NAME-DELETED*
I do not need the script. Not because I am igonrant, but becfause (most
probably) the error is not in the script. The issue most probably lies in
the configuration of the sendmail program on the server you run the script
or the SMTP server if you use the SMTP server directly.

Check carefully the settings in the script (I can not check it for you, as
you should know the local SMTP server name or how to invoke sendmail on
YOUR system), following the setup instructions step by step. If you do not
understand some of the terms: do not try to guess (or try as it makes no
harm) but rather ask me what the expression means.

It may also happen that the script is configured perfectly, but the mail
server is configured so strict (to prevent malicious use for spam) so that
you can not send the mail from your scripts.


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