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help please!

Date: 2002/05/09 13:04

Hi. I've only been programming in C for a little while (a year and a bit)
and was wondering if you could help me. What I want to do is be able to
find the screen size of a computer (i.e. 21 inch screen, resolution...
etc) when I am given a computer's network address. All computers are on
my network. If this is not possible I could always just make all
computers have a file in a pre-known place stating screen size etc. So I
guess my question really has 2 parts:
(1) If given a computer name (for example, homer.unisa.edu.au), is it
possible to gain remote access to a file on the box (assuming the file has
the right permissions set)?
(2) Can I read system properties (such as screen size etc) from that

Any help will be appreciated,


p.s. If I didn't make myself clear, please ask for more details.
This is a very specific problem, which is sure a subtask of a more general
issue. It many times turns out that the I can give better advice on the
whole issue, that may aliminate the need for the specific and unsolvable
issue. But here it goes:

You did not mention what operating system the computers are running. No
matter whatever operating system they run if ever you need some
information over the network from the machine you need some program on the
remote machine that sends the information upon request. This is the case
when you read a file on the remote machine, even if you are not aware of
that. Reading the file of a remote machine needs the cooperation of an NFS
server (UNIX-UNIX), Samba server (UNIX-Windows) or Server.exe serice
(Windows-Windows) running on the remote machine.

The question after this is what program can you install on the remote
machines that tell you the information you need.

If they run Windows NT then you can install System Management Server and
the appropriate client from Microsoft and that does all the task. No need
for programming.

If you run some UNIX then I do not know the solution.


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