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Problems with .mid files on BNB Virtual Cards

Date: 2002/05/08 09:42

I have installed my own server (Xitami) and the BNB Virtual Card on it.
The card script seems to be working really fine, except that it does not
take my .mid files (it does not play when a recipient opens his card).
The card page can be found at: hs196-229-217.nt.net/card.html. The main
page is in my main working directory, the graphics and midi files are in
card directory. I have also tried to put midi files in the main
directory, but with no success.
I hope you can help, otherwise I will have to drop the music section on my
form. I don't have FTP yet (still have to figure it out).

You have to check the configuration of the web server what mime-type it
assignes to the extension .mid I do not know what the rigth mime type is.

If that is correct then the issue is with the client browser.

I warn you that most people use internet from the office and a loud mid
file blastin off when visiting a web site is quite, well lets say


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