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How can I find what modules/libraries are installed on my server?

Date: 2002/05/08 09:35

I would like to like to implement an image thumbnailer on my web site.
The perl scripts I have found require libraries/modules such as
ImageMagick/GD module
to be installed on the server. My hosting service has no support. How
can I find out which moduals/libraries (if any) are installed on my host's
There are two ways. One is easy, but may not work, the other is cumbersome
but works for sure.

First the easy was: ask the hosting service provider. This also bears the
advantage that you may (if lucky) successfully ask for missing modules.

The cumbersome way: try with simple programs that use the module.

Well, there is a third way that may give a hint:

write a Perl program that lists the content of the directories
(recursively) which are listed in the array @INC.


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