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Form to Email processing

Date: 2002/05/08 08:58


I need a form to email script that will run on a Windows webserver. I
have tried to use Formmail because I use it at work and it works just
fine. Now that I think about it, our server here may be Unix. Either
way.... the site I can trying to work with is on NT. Do you have any
suggestions for a script that will forward a forms contents to an email

Most scripts designed for UNIX work on NT as well, however installing them
(and to select and to know the few that won't work) needs experteese in

First of all you need a Perl interpreter on the NT box. I recommend that
you install Active Perl package from Active State. They have extra charged
components, but according to my experience the free components are quite
enough and 99% of developers never need the extra pay-for components. (The
remaining 1% gives ActiveState a good income I suppose.)

Regarding the specific 'form mail' applications there is a slight issue
when installing them on NT. This is the fact that there is no 'sendmail'
on NT (whatever it is).

You have to find a mail sender script that can handle the SMTP method.
There is one that people asking on this forum use frequently is
www.bignosebird.com scripts.


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