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Date: 2002/05/03 14:49

I have a perl script which will get the return values from a component. I
can run it in the prompt and it prints the values.

But i would like to do a small HTML interface for the values to be printed
on it.

Like in Java Script u get Document. writeline and u write the HTML code
there. How do u do it in Perl?

I am in a great hurry because i need to submit the project urgently.
Please look into tjis matter.
JavaScript and Perl are not only two different languages, but they play
their role in totally different location of the web architecture.

JavaScript runs inside the browser.

Perl runs on the server.

Perl code on the server started as CGI should generate the whole HTML page
and not only part of the page and partially the http header as well. This
is done using the Perl command/function 'print' that should send the
staracters to the standard output of the CGI program.


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