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Date: 2002/05/03 14:46

How does a web site regiseter it's users i.e users are required to provide
some information and they create a user ID and password and also secret
question? Is there any involvment of Databases to remember user
Kindly lend me your helpful suggestions.
There is no need for a database, but certainly in most cases there is one.
The user information is many times stored in an SQL database, like ORACLE,
Sybase, Ingres, PostgreSQL, mSQL, mySQL, MS-SQL.

If you have not programmed anything like that before, then I suggest that
you set up a Linux or Windows on your test machine where you can learn and
install MySQL being the simplest and most handy free SQL engine on the
market and experience with that. Also MySQL will suffice your needs for
quite a long time.


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