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passing data from one form to another by post method using

Date: 2002/04/25 12:58

I have a problem in which I have to pass about 500 characters of data from
one form to another form and I need to use cgi-perl for this.

My cgi perl would be based in a Apache web server installed on OS-X
I guess I will need to send the data using post method from one html page
,parse the data in cgi-perl and then send the data back to the other html
page.The other html page will be having its own fields for user input.

Please help me in how to go about in doing this
I assume that the second form is printed by the CGI program started by the
first form. In this case the first CGI program printing out the second
form has to print:

<INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" VALUE="value to pass over">

into the form.


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