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Passing parameters to STDIN

Date: 2002/04/24 11:58


I'm quite new in this stuff and have a problem now. I've a web site which
is all in one perl script (its recalling itself via forms,links and
passing parameters). I do not have any problems when i recall the script
from inside a form, since then it is possible to pass any item value and
reuse it via STDIN.

When i use a link instead i don't know how to pass a parameter to the
STDIN(if possible). I don't want to pass arguments to the script cause i
don't want that these are seen by the users !

Thanks for your help,
Top do this you have to create a form on the page that contains only
hidden fields and method is POST and write a small JavaScript that submits
this form when the client clicks on the link.

I have never done this, but should work.

I am also not expert in JavaScript thus it would require to read some
reference materials for me if I wanetd to do this, but I am almost certain
that this can be done.


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