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HELPPP!!! I need form mail

Date: 2002/04/23 11:24

1. I am unsure of version cgi-bin I am using (given to me by
valuehost.com) but I am designing in dreamweaver 4 for G3 macintosh.
2. I designed a site called myrepos.com in which I created an application
form in dreamweaver. I can not get it to post to any email address I
assigned to it.
3. Everything on the form, required fields, seem to work but the POST
command. It seems to be posting somewhere, just not to the email address.
4. TO WORK!!! Please help I am about to lose this client forever!
First I give you some general advice and after that I will answer your
specific question. I will tell you my opinion straight even if it hurts
you. I truly believe that telling the truth is allways better than lie,
which can heal the pain for a short time, but make the long run worse.

You are a designer and as such for sure you can design great web pages.
Forms however are just the gate of a quite different world. It is
programming. Sooner or later you will face customers, who need forms on
their pages, dinamic content and more and more features that are not
design but programming.

You alone will not be able to give solution for them. You can learn
programming, but that takes years. I recommend that you find locally some
partner who is expert in programming Web applications.

Regarding the specific question:

To have a form that can be filled in and the content is mailed to a mail
address when the client presses the submit button you should have a server
where some mail sending application is running. To install such there is
programming knowledge.

To have a form that has an


will not seamlessly work, because such a form starts the mail client
program of the user sitting behind the browser, which she/he may even not


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