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BNB's nomodomo and www.unitedstateswebhost.com

Date: 2002/04/22 14:11

I have installed nomodomo and have all the information correct as far as I
can tell. People can subscribe, I can modify lists of names, and letters,
write new letters, etc. The sendmail path is correct according to
unitedstateswebhost.com personnel. The problem is this. When I actually
send email, it processes and everything looks good except nobody on the
list gets mail.

unitedstateswebhost says their sendmail works fine. what am I doing wrong?

I will give you all the particulars for this site as follows:

address: www.jackgammon.org
userID: jgeoghegan
system: Unix(standard)
sendmail: $SEND_MAIL="/usr/sbin/sendmail -t";

Sorry, but I can not offer service that involves me to log into any
machine for legal reasons. From the information you have provided there is
no identifiable problem.


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