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c network programming

Date: 2002/04/22 14:00

Hello Peter,
Listen i've been working on C language for the last 1 year. i was
specifically working on normally database applications.

Now i m thinking of working on building network applications on C
Language.Now the trouble is I have downloaded a tutorial stating C network
programming but the problem is i m unable to find the "C Lanugage Network
Library". and without that i m restricted to just study but to implement.
So my question to u is this is there any how i can find the "C Network
Library" on the net from where i can downlaod the headers and start
learning C netwrok Programming.
Note: i m using Turbo C 3 but the on the windows platform.
A guy on the chat told me that i have to shift myself from windows to unix
so do i have to shift the environment.


ill wait for ur reply.

You need not but you can shift to Linux.

If you use Windows 3.1 then you have to download Trumpet Winsock solution
because Windows 3.1 does not have TCP/IP networking in its basic.

Later windows do have any you have to use the ws2_32.lib and ws2_32.dll
libraries to access windows specific socket functions (which are mostly
like UNIX functions).


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