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Grabbing Email Addresses

Date: 2002/04/22 13:52

I am new to webmatery and want to know if there is a way to grab the email
address of all traffic to hit my site without the vistor having to input
into a form???

The server is 2000 advanced running IIS

Simply: no.

The information that you can gather is the information included in the
HTTP request. You can get a bit more than that using JavaScript in some of
the answer pages directing the client to send some more information to the
server than the browser would otherwise by default do.

However eMail being a sensitive information is not included in any of the
information the browser sends to the server to avoid unwanted spam. (Well,
as there is no wanted spam, just simply to avoid spam.)

If you need the eMail address of some visitors, you have to ask them on


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