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Date: 2002/04/18 10:05

I am doing a final year project on simulation of orbits and light paths
around black holes and obviuosly need a language to write it in. Can C
understand mathematical equations and also animate orbits? If not do you
know if other languages can?eg Java
Thankyou for your time
None of the languages can and at the same time any language is suitable
just as any other.

First of all: mathematical equiations are not suitable for programming
languages with some exceptions, like Derive program, Mathematica, Euclid.
These are programs that solve symbolic mathematical equations, including
integration, derivation as well. On the other hand normal imperative
programming languages can handle assignments. This means a mathematical
equation, where the left side gets the calculated value of the right side,
but the right side does not change. For example:

a = b + 3

will calculate 'b + 3' with the actual value of 'b' and store the result
in 'a'. This assignment will not change 'b'.

Regarding graphics: most programming laguage does not support graphics.
This is not the programming language that supports graphics, but the
operating system graphics system calls. The glue between the two are the
modules, like GTK, wxWindows and so on.

If your project is 'programming' and the simulation is an example only,
then I can recommend to learn C. If your topic is rather simulation and
mathematics and real programming is not a must then I recommend that you
seek and try some non-programming solution, like using Euclid or Derive
(though Derive can not graph).


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