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SSI ????

Date: 2002/04/17 13:46

Hi Peter,

For the past 2 hours i am trying to run a mvi.pl script
located on my albini.info cgi-bin folder.

This scripts requires this tag on my index.shtml :
<img src=http://albini.info/cgi-bin/mvi.pl>

After so many requests via phone with my server tech. support at last
i found out that <img src=http://albini.info/cgi-bin/mvi.pl>
it will not work, since your SSI requires included virtual instead.

So i changed the line with:

<!--#include virtual="/home/albin4761/cgi-bin/mvi.pl" -->
<!--#include virtual="http://albini.info/cgi-bin/mvi.pl"; -->

but still i am getting in either options :

[an error occurred while processing this directive]

PS. the mvi.pl is chmd 755.

Please some help is much appreciated.
Best regards

email : tonino@albini.info
website :http://albini.info
You can not use full URL in SSI, like


does not work. What you need is

<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/mvi.pl"; -->


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