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Email form suddenly stopped working

Date: 2002/04/15 11:37

Hi -- I maintain a travel agency website with an email form on the main
page. The form has always worked just fine (it was there when I started
maintaining the site a couple of years ago), but suddenly stopped working
a few days ago. When you fill it out, it redirects you to the 'thank you'
page so the sender thinks it's been sent, but the info never arrives at
the recipient email address. The only change I've made is to the
recipient email address (made the change after discovering the problem),
which I set to my own while I try to fix the problem. I can't figure out
what's going on; I don't know much about forms, but I've done a few and
when I look over the coding on the HTML page everything seems fine. If
you could offer any advice, that would be great. The page in question is


(Please note -- if I can't fix this by tonight, I'm going to replace the
form with a different one; the HTML file with the 'problem' form will be
renamed 041502newhome.html)
Some mail servers should have been changed on the route of the mail
getting to you. Also you have to check if the local SMTP server installed
on the web server was upgraded or configured by the system manager to be
more restrictive.


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