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Date: 2002/04/15 11:30


I have some problems in identifying the Unix process with ps -ef command

Some of the Oracle client connections are really confusing.

I am unable to track which user is connected to the database, their
machine name/ip adress, process they are running, Whether the connection
is still active or not ?

eg : ps -ef command displays as below

oracle 20983 1 0 04:30:09 ? 0:01 oracleCDF ( LOC*N*NAME-DELETED*ME-DELETED*L=NO)

daemon 29908 29903 0 Feb 27 ? 559:18 oracleCDF (DESCRIPTION=(LOC*N*NAME-DELETED*ME-DELETED*L=YES)

My questions

1. How do I know this process are not hung

2. What question mark means (?)

3. How do I know which client is related to each Process ID ( eg: 20983,
29904 )

4. Is it possible to know the memory occupied by each process

5. Is it possible to check which process are they executing

Hope you can clear the above at the earliest.


Sorry, but this is not a programming question, but rather a UNIX system
management question that I am not expert in.

Didn't you ask it from me before a while ago?


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