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Script Installation

Date: 2002/04/11 13:51

I found a Perl-CGI Script on the internet. I wanted to try it out. I
downloaded it in Zip file format. There were instruction telling me to
make some changes to it so it could be customized to work on my site.
When I selected it to be opened, My computer opened it with Notepad. I
made the changes but it is now a ".txt" file and my server contacts tell
me the extension must be ".pl".

Did I do something wrong?
Yes, you made some simple mistake, but do not feel bad about that. Notepad
tries to be smart for you and in case you save a file that has an
extension, which is not text (or something that Notepad think as
alternative text format), it appends '.txt' after that.

For example if you open test.pl the Notepad will save it sometimes as

To save the file use a file name enclosed between " characters in the save
file dialog.

Now you have the files already renames, so name them back to their
original name, havint the extension.pl using the file manager or the
command prompt command called 'ren'.


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