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CGI Script

Date: 2002/04/11 13:30


I am no expert in CGI, so the question might sound pretty dumb (never mind
the e-mail domain name :) -- What I want to do is the following: I want
to post a survey on my webpage (we still have UNIX servers here, if it
makes any difference), and when people click SUBMIT, their responses would
be appended to a file that I would late be able to import into Access. I
can do stuff in Access, but don't know much about HTML and CGI. So I have
downloaded a script that is meant to do what I want to do from
http://www.bignosebird.com/carchive/bnbform.shtml It seems to have all the
functionality I need (at least according to the readme file). Though (not
surprisingly) I have a little bit of trouble setting it up. For example,
when I run their sample form, I don't even get the submit button that I
can click in order to run the script. Do you think I should add that
button (in which case maybe you could tell me how I should link it to the
script) or does it just mean that something is set up in the wrong way?
Very much confused in other words. Thanks for reading :) And I would very
much appreciate any help and advice.


I do not see your mail address, because allexperts.com protects you from
me that way. I assume this ends with .ru, but being Hungarian myself and
facing similar issues sometimes I do not have any prejudication against
people. For me it is only what you write and nothing more.

Concerning the question:

You should not start the script itself directly, but have to start the
html file, for which there is a sample in the package. The sample html
contains a sample form that can be used to fill in the data. When you
press the submit button the form tells the browser to inkoke the URL that
asks the server to start the script.

On details, please read the README file of the program and consult some
HTML guide first, and if that is not enough then some simple CGI tutorial
may also prove be helpful for you.


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