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Not like other questions

Date: 2002/04/08 12:14

[Actually this question is not very relevent to your career, but I don't
know who can help me, so I ask to people who I think can help me to solve
my problem, sorry if this question just waste your time. Anyway, I still
hope you can help me. Thank you]

Since I was a boy, I was dreaming to build my own computer operating
system (OS). From that day, I've learn so much about software engineering
and computer programmings such as Visual Basic and C++. I also has done so
much experimence about Windows and all the other known operating system.
However, till now my age has already 18 years old but my dream hasn't
comes true yet. I've asked many peoples who know much about computer but
nobody can help me to realize my dream. So here, I bagging you, as an
experience people in the computer world, please teach me how to start my
beautiful dream, what kind of computer langguage do I have to learn, where
can I get the software that you told me to build my own OS, where can I
get some other helps, can you recommend me some famous books that can make
my big dream real and some other useful and relevent informations about my
dream. I very hope so you can help me and I'll appreaciate all you helps.
Please, I bagging you, help me! Thank you.

Your Sincerely,



do not believe that this is not like other questions. What you aim is a
high goal that you most probably will not reach, but can serve as a high
goal, which boosts, motivates your learning continously.

Learn C, Linux. Install Linux and install it from source. Try to modify
the kernel and recompile. Read the book Operating Systems from Tannenbaum.


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