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Script (Problem)

Date: 2002/04/07 13:46

Message at start the script (guestbook):
"Sorry! You can't run this script from your server

I do not know what to write on this problem in department of sales,
technical support.
The three-day time correspondence has not given any results.
Help, please!
Thank YOU!
Can anyone run that script from somewhere?

The verbiage "from your server" suggest that the issue is with the
configuration of the script on the server. This can be that script or the
directory it is in does not have the correct permission settings, or the
web server configuration does not entitle the directory the script is in
to execute cgi scripts.

If others can run the script, only you can not then you or a technical
person should check the proxy setting of your client. It may also happen
that server is configured to filter out some workstations based on IP
number or based on some other parameters.

I am afraid this is not too much help, but this is all I can help thus


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