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add 2 floating point numbers

Date: 2002/04/03 13:18

i need to add two floating point numbers with the maximum possible range.
i wanted to know how do i store them or what should i use to store such
values as there would definitely be an overflow ?

I do not really understand what you want to achieve. Do you want to create
an overflow error?

hi peter,

thanks for your time. to be very frank you are the first person to have
got what i'm trying to point to. sorry if i was very vague about my
question. yes, in general such an operation would result in an overflow
which i do not want. i want to do the following without an error
lets suppose, i declare variables
long double a,b,c;

a=1.1 E 4932; // this is the max possible range for long double
b=1.1 E 4932; // this is the max possible range for long double

c=a+b; // here there would be an overflow

now how do i add a and b is my question and display their result. hope i
could make myself clear this time. thanks.

What you need is the GNU APM package. APM stands for arbitrary precision
mathematics. That limits the size or magnitude of the numbers only by the
available memory.


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