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Perl Error !!!

Date: 2002/04/03 10:27

What do the following errors mean ?

I have the following error in this line ...
if ( $main::case->{OUTPUT} =~ m|$directory_name\w(.*).|i )
{@temp_grep = $1;
print '@temp_grep :'."@temp_grep\n";

Error .. !!! >
Can't find unicode character property definition via main->R or R.pl at
unicode/Is/R.pl line 0

and if I change the \w to a variable containing the "\" symbol then it
gives me the following error ...
Unmatched ) before HERE mark in regex m/AN\C:\PROGRAM FILES\(.*) << HERE
./ at temp_test.pl line 178.
Please help me in this ...

Seems that the error is not in this line, but rather in a line sooner
where there is an unterminated string.

If you uploaded the script to a UNIX from Windows then chack that the
program was uploaded using ASCII transfer.


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