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Installing a script on my web server

Date: 2002/04/03 10:20

Hello Peter, I'm having some difficulties to install a CGI on my
webserver. I'm using a software called "Deerfield.com WebSite" for web
serving, and it has a subdirectory "cgi-bin" where we have to put the CGI
But I can't find a script that works... I've tried so many, I think that
the problem is me... I don't know how to configure it.
Could you help me, sending a simple form processor that my site visitor
can put his name, email, and message, and these informations goes to my
email when he press "submit"? I really want to learn about
scripts/configuring, but I tried and no results... Thank you for your
Sorry *NAME-DELETED*, but I can not do that for you. I can help you to learn, and
answer the questions. If you, as you expressed do not want to learn this
profession, but need the result then you have to pay a professional.

Here this free service is to help to learn.


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