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Date: 2002/03/27 21:26

i've been using the bnbform.cgi (i don't know if you're familiar with it)
on my personal linux server running apache. i reciently made a site and
it's being hosted by a IIS server. it doesn't work now, it says it's not a
valid win32 aplication. I guess my question is, are there different
versions of cgi? or can windows not handle cgi? just wondering why this
won't work now.
Windows NT can handle CGI just as good as Linux servers can do. The issue
can be that the IIS server is not configured properly to handle Perl

The bnbform is a Perl script that can successfully operated on Windows NT
server. After setting up the server you have to install the Perl
interpreter available free of charge from activestate.com

There is one more point however when you get there: there is no sendmail
on Windows NT and therefore you have to configure bnbform to use SMTP
directly and not via sendmail.


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