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about the cgi-script submiting a form

Date: 2002/03/27 21:20

ok i allready made a scirpt in perl cgi and my form page but when y run
the submit display an error No. 500 is html ok i dont know if the mistrake
is in te hatml or in the cgi.
so let me ask you is any part or some kind of script in cgi where the mail
addres must be in or the mail address must be in the html, (if this case)
can you give me the scripts?

Thanks Peter


The Program I{m using in cgi es perl builder 2.0

my mother language is not English, this should certainly be the issue,
because I do not understand your question. If you could be so kind to
reformulate it with simpler words or grammar.

Sincerely yours,
Peter Verhas

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