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Date: 2002/03/27 21:18


I have a flat file database (data.txt)with data stored and seperated by
|| in the format below:


The 1st field is Password,the 2nd is Username, the
6th field is the email ID.
I need a simple program that can retrieve the username & password & mail
it to that email ID.

Basically there must be a form action,where the
person must enter his email ID and then the program checks for that email
ID & sends the username & password of that user by email.
Something like this:
TO: [emailID]
Your username is raj
Your password is raj

Can you help me please??
Sunil Advani.

Yes, I can help you. If you have specific problem with the program then
ask me a question and I can help you find the issue. I will not, however
solve the issue instead of you. For me this volunteering task is to teach
others, help with knowledge delivery.


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