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I just dont really have a clue

Date: 2002/03/27 21:15

I think this is a mixture of CGI and html....
How would i create a form that has, say, three input boxes, then when the
submit button is clicked the three values are multiplied or whatever to
a new value somewhere else on the page, or in a new page?

Or what if...

Im using a slightly more compicated formula in it:
Where : "x" and "y" are user entered values and "z" is the answer
to users.
Can anyone offer me help based on this and the fact im not hugely
using html or CGI :P?
It can be a mixture of CGI and HTML or it can be a mixture of HTML and

It all depends on what you want to achieve.

If you just want to have some simple calculation then this is rather
JavaScript. In that case learn JavaScript.

If you want to do something more complex so that the result depends on the
content of some server files, databases and so on then this is CGI. In
that case learn CGI programming, Perl, ScriptBasic, TCL, Python, whichever
you want.

The common is HTML on the client.


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