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virtual cig-bin

Date: 2002/03/27 21:08

I am creating my own e-commerice site. I have managed to teach my self how
to create a virtual website on the 3.5 floppy diskette:
"file:////A|/www.creations-n-crafts.com" inorder to test drive the site. I
will change the "file:////A|/" to "http://" and up load the files to my
server when I feel it to be complete.

Is it possible to create a "cig-bin" and install the shoppingcart programs
on the 3.5 floppy (or my hardDRIVE)just like you would on the server.
(taking in to account the directory "file:////a|/" versus "http://"
Inorder to test drive the site fully before uploading?

So far my results have been good. Considering I knew vertually nothing
about html & cgi-bin and all....
I am using starOffice suite for my html editor and ftp client. I intend on
switching to another host with cig-bin services.
No it is not possible to test a cgi program without a web server. You have
to install at least some kind of web server. The easiest is to program the
web server in BASIC. I can recommend scriptbasic.com

But be prepared that it is programming. It is not as simple as HTML
crafting. You have to learn a lot to achieve something. And that is still
far from professional.


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