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Perl scripts and Forms

Date: 2002/03/25 16:06

I have several questions. I have been designing sites for over two years
know and consider myself very HTML, DHTML savy. But when it comes to the
scripts, there just hasn't been enough time for me to get that
knowledgable. First question. After a form has been created, and the
script created and linked to that form, I seem to lose that connection the
moment an altreation in th e code of the form page is done, even though
the code change has nothing to do with the form, Why is that and can
there be an easy fix to this problem? Is there a standard script that can
be attached to any form and stored in a cgi bin or does each form need
it's own personal script? Is there a program out there for macs that will
write a script for a form and convert it for use on a server without me
becoming a perl programmer? Thanks for your help.
The Perl script that runs on the server as a CGI application gets the
input from the browser when one presses the submit button. It actually has
nothing to do with the actual form itself more than the data sent to the
script comes from the form.

As each script may do different things, do not expect some general script
writing application. That is such a nonsense as a program that just writes
any program for my problem "general".

You just can not have your programs without programming knowledge.


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