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I need help

Date: 2002/03/25 10:32

what i want the program to do?
i want a script that takes a form+a file and send them both on my email as
an email with attachment.
To be precise this site is an online printing service for large amount
printing.I want people to enter my site write there job information and
upload thier file and both the file and the form to be sent to my mail.I
do not need file limitation(but max may be 10mb so as not to block my
mail) or extention limitation.
What i have been doing?
i have been trying many scripts but they are not working on my site.
my site is www.egyprint.com you can see it to have more imagination.(see
upload page)
What i request from you?
if you have a script doing that please send it.and if you have server/perl
troubleshooting Q&A
please send it too.
Could you fix the problem on my server?
My hosting server support windowsnt and perl.
Thank you very much
hope that you answer me soon.
Your server is WIndows NT and thus it is different from most of the
servers regarding sending mail. The usual sendmail program uses by the web
server hosting CGIs available free of charge is not available on Windows

Some of the scripts use SMTP protocol implemented in the Perl code. That
should work on Windows NT as well as on UNIX. Some say that they can use
blat.exe on Windows NT instead of sendmail. Blat.exe is, however has to be
installed on NT, does not come by default.

Most of the scripts do NOT handle mail with attachments. I actually do not
know any that does.

This is all I can help you on the issue sending the mail. On the other
hand I would rather send only a short mail notification and store the to
be printed file on the server. When the notification arrives you could
download the file from the server using HTTP. This is a much simpler

My last advice: if you intend to have this service as a professional one
then you better hire some professional person to do the programming and
setup job. (Not me, I am not trolling.)


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