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don't have permission to access /cgi-bin/bnbform.cgi on this

Date: 2002/03/23 19:00

When trying to send a formmail bij a cgi-bin script i get the next fould:
"You don't have permission to access /cgi-bin/bnbform.cgi on this server."
What can i've done wrong?
I just want the form to be send to my email-adres.

I'm using WS-FTP to upload and my server does accepts cgi-bin scripts.

the html adres is: http://www.lighthouse-online.nl/bnbform.html

thank you for your time
Did you set the permission of the uploaded file? When you upload a file it
belongs to you (the UNIX user that you use to log in). It can usually be
written and read by you, but it also need execute permission. And what is
more this is not the UNIX user you use to log in, who needs that but the
user that is used by teh web server. This is usually named nobody or
www-data, but it can have any other name. The name is not really
interesting. The interesting is if the web server user is in the same
group as you are. According to that yozu have to set the permission of the
file you uploaded to 750 ot 755, or if nothing works 777 (but that is
insecure, use it as last resort).

I do not know how you can set unix file permissions using ws_ftp, but
certainly there should be some possibility.

Goede dag!


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