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script for Keywords ranking on search engines

Date: 2002/03/21 10:05


I am looking for a script that provide ranking of a site with defined
keywords on search engines.

Form asking on a html page:
your site : http;//www.yourdomain.com
rank for that keyword : selected keyword

provide an answer like this :

For keyword "selected keyword", the ranking of your site is :

google 5 on 10 see that result
overture not on page 1 see that result
altavista 8 on 10 see that result

number of keywords in the form may be variables and number of search
engines in the answer to

host server is unix

Are you able to help me ?
Gaétan-julien *NAME-DELETED*
This is very complex issue. You have to be able to invoke the search
engines, get the result, analyze the HTML answer (which is not well
defined and can change any time).

To get the result from the search engines you can use the module CURL,
LIBWWW and many others. To analyze the HTML code, ... well, hard


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