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Windows 2000 Web Server

Date: 2002/03/21 08:57

Most of the scripts come with instructions for installing on the Unix
based servers.

I am trying to install bnbform.cgi from Bignosebird.com. It's a form
handler. What is the proper syntax for the CGI program to interpret the
Perl? I know that I won't be using "#!/usr/bin/perl"

Thank you!

The syntax of Perl programs are independent of the operating system. Perl
is just Perl wherever it is. You need not use the leading line

#! /usr/bin/perl

under Windows, because that is handled by the operating system and not
perl. What you need is to configure the web server. This is different for
each web server. If you use IIS you have to start Settings/Control
Panel/Administrative Tools/Internet Services Manager and configure it to
execute Perl scripts using ActiveState.


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