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form mail

Date: 2002/03/21 08:50

I recently took over the webmaster responsibilites at a new job. Upon
rebuilding the site, I noticed that the forms that existed were calling on
another sites cgi bin. Although we have fmail at our dotcom, I have not
been able to have the forms call it from there. My boss has asked that I
leave the forms as they are until I can solve the problem. PLEEEEASE
help!I know very little about cgi scripts
Dear Andrea,

yes, I can help you if you ask specific questions. What is the setup, what
are the simptoms and so on. Without these is just like going to see a
doctor and tell him/her that you are ill, but nothing more.

I can help you but only answering your questions and thus during this you
should learn CGI programming, and it is you who finally will solve the
problem. However here I am, and other volunteers so you will not be left
out in the cold if something seems to be broken.


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