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CGI Scripting Puzzlement

Date: 2002/03/20 15:02


We're in the process of attempting to install/activate BigNoseBird's
bnbform.cgi form (ver 4.0) on our website, but are having problems
understanding some of the basics - for example:

How does the user of the form "send" the information to our area? There's
no "send" or "submit" button to be found.

We cannot locate an area on our FTP software that allows us to set the
permission levels on the CGI file (we're using Dreamweaver's FTP client ver 4). Is there a default setting on this file?

These are our main dilemmas at this point. Although we're (obviously)
novices at this, we'd like to do our best to acquire a workable skill
level to complete our work, and any help you can provide to get over these
"humps" would be greatly appreciated! Take care...
There should be a submit or send button on the form. The HTML file
bnbform.html should have a form with the appropriate button. If it does
not, then download the original and try to modify it tailoring to your
needs from the start.

Regarding the matter that you do not find the file permission setting on
the FTP client. This may happen because there is none. This is not a
standard FTP feature. This is available only if both the server and the
client software supports this.

I myself use WinSCP (which is not FTP, but rather SCP a secure copy upload
program) and SecureFX. Both of these support settign file permission.


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