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C CGI and Email servers?

Date: 2002/03/19 14:25

I have a web-based mailing list manager that is written in PHP. I would
like to be able to make it faster plus handle more. Is there any web sites
you can point me to where I can learn more about C and CGI or C functining
together with an email server? or would it be my best bet to use sockets
in some way?


the server is running sendmail, on freeBSD
Dear Justin,

I can help you the way you asked, however I am sure that your server is
not going to be significantly faster if you rewrite the whole stuff in C.
First of all such a project for a beginner will take three to four years.
In the meantime you will loose your interest in the topic.

You can and I advise to learn programming C. To do so buy a good book on
the language C. The first book has to be a good one and not online in my

Programming CGI in C is not a good practice to start. I did that for good
reason. I wrote a scripting interpreter in C and CGI handling module for
it. If you really need C functions readily available to handle CGI input,
visit scriptbasic.com and download the source. That includes a CGI
handling module in C.


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